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Experience the Exciting World of Scuba Diving Right Here on Table Rock Lake!

The staff at State Park Marina Dive Shop can introduce you to the world below the water's surface. Learning to dive is easy and can lead to a lifetime of wonderful experiences. Don't let another summer go by without taking advantage of some of the best freshwater diving in the country. Let's go diving!

Although many people think of lakes in the continental U. S. to be murky and dark, Table Rock Lake is a rare gem to behold. The lake and the areas around it are teeming with wildlife, but underwater is where much of the action takes place. From monstrous catfish to the rare freshwater jellyfish, there is much to see below the surface. A diver can enjoy feeding beautiful and surprisingly friendly long-ear sunfish right out of his hand without having to worry about disturbing the rocks below. Curious bass will detect a diver and come see what everything is all about by cautiously circling its subjects. Crawdads can be caught all over the rocky floor just by overturning a few stones on any dive. Life invisible to those above water becomes open to divers who take the plunge.

Besides the abundant marine life, there are many interesting landforms and adventures underwater. Deep ravines and outcroppings create visual interest equivalent to coral reef formations. Rows of petrified trees left from before the building of the dam are reminiscent of sea kelp beds. And do not forget the treasure! Unfortunate boaters and fishermen have lost more than a few boating commodities. From Maui Jim sunglasses to pricey fishing poles, there is always the chance of finding something of value (even if only to the finder!) on every dive.

Is any more convincing needed? Come see Diver Dick and his crew at the State Park Marina Diver Shop to sign up for Discover SCUBA and certification classes today!

Discover Scuba

The Table Rock Lake Dive Shop staff can introduce you to the world below the water's surface during our unique Discover SCUBA course. No previous dive experience is necessary. During the course, you will learn basic skills from our instructors and participate in a boat dive in less than 15 feet of water. Price includes all gear, air, boat ride and professional instructions. Call for course times and availability.

Feed the Fish! (Video, click play button to watch)

Training Options

Discover Scuba (Trial, 2 Hrs In Lake)
Ten Years Old And Up
Scuba Certification
Ten Years Old And Up
Advanced Scuba Certification
Option 1:
4 specialty courses, 16 dives on boat with an instructor.
Option 2:
4 specialty courses, 6 dives on boat with instructor,
remaining 10 dives logged by the student separately.
Stress / Rescue Training$139
Dive Con $599
Instructor Course $1,699
Open Water Referrals$179
Refresher Course$99

All dive courses include diving equipment, air, books and all certification materials. Mask, fins, and snorkels are not included. Dive Pontoon Boat Available, Ask for Diver Dick.

Call 888.993.BOAT To Sign-Up Today!

The "Real Open Water" Scuba Certification Course Includes:
  • 7 three-hour Lake Sessions from Dive Boat
  • Classes everyday: 9-11 A.M. and 1-3 P.M.
  • Independent study online
  • All Scuba equipment included
  • Required: Mask, Fins and Snorkel

Weekend, 3-day certifications are available


Air Fills$10
Lake Trips (Certified Divers)—Tank Included$55
Lake Trips (Certified Divers)—Full Gear and Tank
(One Tank Dive)
Tank Visual Inspections$15
5-Year Hydro Testing$49

Daily Equipment Rental

Regulator With Gauges$17.50
B.C. with AIR II$15
Mask, Fins & Snorkel$20
Wet Suit$17.50
System Rental$65
Snorkeling Gear Rental$20

Rental and air fills require valid C-card and driver’s license. Reservations are encouraged.
State Park Marina Dive Shop is an official SCUBAPRO Dealer.

Diver Dick

Dick Dalager

Diver Dick Dalager, a Midwest native, grew to love the water at a very young age. He learned to scuba dive at 13 years old and a love affair began. Later in life, he was captain and most valuable member of the Truman State swim team and led his teammates to numerous victories. After college, his adventurous bone got the better of him. He moved to the Caribbean to become the lead instructor for Norwegian Cruise Lines where he took groups on scuba and snorkeling adventures for many years. While he enjoyed this lifestyle, his attraction to Table Rock Lake and his desire to start a family led him back to Missouri.

Here in the Ozarks, he has worked as Dive Master and Harbor Master for State Park Marina for the past 20 years. During this time, Diver Dick (as he is known to most), and his crew have introduced thousands of adventurers to the sport of scuba. He is also very active in the professional arena as well. He has developed a specialized wetsuit that is now common among many scuba equipment dealers, and has earned the prestigious SSI Platinum Pro 5000 as well.

Through his many years of working in a variety of environments and gaining experience from working on and under the water, Diver Dick is very knowledgeable of everything Table Rock Lake and is happy to be a part of the State Park Marina team.

Dick Dalager

Dick Dalager

Dive Instructor Trainer
SSI Platinum Class Instructor

This year is Diver Dick Dalager's 20th year teaching scuba on Table Rock Lake.

Call 888.993.BOAT and talk to Diver Dick for details.

Dive Girl

Master Instructor Dalager

Featured In The July 2014 Issue Of Dive Girl Magazine

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