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"knock on wood"

Charter a legendary Hacker-Craft mahogany runabout at State Park Marina.  Up to 6 passengers, includes USCG-licensed Captain, lifejackets, bottled water.

A 90-minute lake tour is $399
.  Reservations required by phone or book online now.  After an initial 90 minutes, the rate is $149 per hour. 

"Knock on Wood" is our modern-built Hacker-Craft runabout with a new engine, safety gear, and epoxy-sealed hull far stronger than fiberglass.  This heavy mahogany wood runs flat and smooth, unlike any modern boat experience. 

History in motion
.  A Hacker-Craft is a keen seductress from the golden age of American boating.  You will fall in love, as Henry Ford did, with her mahogany flanks, the soft rumble of her motor, the flare of her bow, and luxurious seating.

Photo shoots and extended tours available on request. 

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the golden age

Hand Crafted Since 1908, Hacker-Craft is celebrated as “The Steinway of Runabouts.”
Our boat, "Knock on Wood", was newly built by Hacker-Craft near the shores of Lake George, NY based on the original blueprint with the latest engine technology, safety equipment, and an epoxy-sealed hull that is stronger than fiberglass.

Hacker-Craft was named as one of “America’s Top 50 Products” by Forbes Magazine and featured in advertising campaigns for many of the world’s premier brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Marks & Spencer, and Tommy Bahama.
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